Respiratory Health in Canada Mapping Tool

The National Lung Health Framework’s mapping tool provides key lung health statistics for each Canadian province and territory (as available) in an easy-to-understand visual format.

The Framework has also created a series of slideshows to be used by anyone wishing to share reputable, national statistics and Framework information. The slideshows are available, free, for download. You are encouraged to use the slides in your presentations, reports and discussions. Note that the Framework logo has been embedded into each slide. This logo must not be covered, removed or distorted when presenting an image or piece of information from a slide created by the Framework.

Note About Sources

Unless otherwise stated, all data cited comes from the Canadian Community Health Survey, conducted by Statistics Canada. This reputable survey provides reliable and verifiable data; it is national in scope and conducted on a regular basis.


We thank our stakeholders and expert review committees for their insight and assistance in developing the mapping tool and accompanying slides. In particular, we’d like to thank: