Provincial Strategic Planning

By engaging governmental and non-governmental provincial and territorial stakeholders in its development, the Framework has established itself as both a catalyst and a tool to support provincial/territorial action on lung health. Stakeholders utilize the Framework as a model to inform their own provincial lung health action plans. The success of the Framework model lies in its ability to identify nationally shared goals and strategies, while supporting provincial and territorial plans that prioritize regional issues.
As chronic disease continues to erode our health care system and economy, it is clear that we cannot continue to simply maintain the status quo without taking immediate action to help alleviate the health and economic burdens that lie ahead for future generations. The Ontario Lung Association, using the National Lung Health Framework as a model, is working to establish a province-wide Lung Health Action Plan.
The Alberta Asthma Centre, the Alberta Strategy to Help Manage Asthma and COPD, the COPD & Asthma Network of Alberta and The Lung Association AB & NWT are leading a collaboration of organizations and health professionals united together to improve the lung health of Albertans. Their mission is to decrease the use of acute health services, and to keep Alberta’s residents active at home, school, and work. Current efforts focus on advancing, and advocating for, the adoption of prioritized standards of respiratory care. 
British Columbia
The Institute for Heart and Lung Health, a new and innovative partnership involving the former UBC Centre for Lung Health and the Providence Heart and Lung Institute, is a collaborative research initiative engaging heart and lung researchers and clinical innovators across British Columbia. The Institute focuses on research spanning organizational, disciplinary, sectoral and geographical boundaries. It also supports international collaboration.
Strategic Planning Projects
The Framework is working with lung health stakeholders to build alignment between the respiratory health strategies, programs, projects and initiatives in their respective provinces, as well as to encourage and facilitate alignment and collaboration between the Framework and provincial respiratory health strategies, programs, projects and initiatives.