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The Ontario Lung Association developed Quit & Get Fit to move smoking cessation into a community-based fitness environment. The program focuses on the one-on-one coaching and motivational interaction between a personal fitness trainer and a client, incorporating evidence-based cessation approaches into the development of a personal health and wellness plan.  »
If you live in Nunavut, you’re 30 times more likely to be diagnosed with a new case of tuberculosis than other Canadians living elsewhere in the country. But thanks to this year’s Taima TB program, people in Iqaluit have been diagnosed and treated more quickly.  »
In a recent study, 180,000 non-smokers were followed for 26 years to assess the impact of air pollution on the development of lung cancer.  »
Clean Air Champions has conducted a baseline needs assessment regarding awareness among youth of the impact of outdoor environmental risk factors on the prevention of respiratory diseases. This project was part of the Lung Health Program - Phase 1.  »
This second annual report uses data from national surveys conducted by Health Canada and Statistics Canada (CTUMS and YSS), primarily between 1999 and 2009, with a focus on the current year.  »
NICO est une étude prospective menée auprès d'une cohorte de 1 293 élèves recrutés au sein de toutes les classes de première secondaire de 10 écoles de Montréal.  »
The “NDIT Study” is a prospective investigation of 1293 students initially aged 12-13 years, recruited from all grade 7 classes in a convenience sample of 10 secondary schools in Montreal.  »
The final report from NAPA on current trends in asthma in Canada. This was a 2010 member-based survey that was responded to by just under 300 people.  »
Ontario Lung Association joins forces with more than 40 lung health advocates from across the province to call upon the government for the development of an Ontario Lung Health Action Plan.     »

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