For many years, the respiratory health community had been seeking ways to work together and develop an integrated response to improve respiratory health in Canada. The community wanted a strategic plan that could be used by diverse stakeholders and one that would facilitate the creation and support of new partnerships, networks and open lines of communication and knowledge sharing among the pockets of excellence across the country.
The National Lung Health Framework responds to our nation’s need for this common strategic action plan. A plan that paves the way for the respiratory health community, stakeholders and governments to best apply critical resources to improve the respiratory health of all people living in Canada.
The Framework was developed with input from a vast array of respiratory health stakeholders from all sectors and all regions of the country under the guidance of a volunteer Interim Steering Committee and support of the Lung Association and the Government of Canada. Stakeholders who contributed their talents and expertise included:
  • Consumer and patient groups
  • First Nations, Inuit and Métis Communities
  • Medical professionals and other health care providers
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Private Sector/Health Industry
  • Federal/Provincial/Territorial government department and agencies

To read more about the development of the National Lung Health Framework, please see National Lung Health Framework Document (PDF).